NEW YORK.- Frank Del Río, President of U.S. owned company, Norwegian Cruise Line Holding (NCLH), has expressed his expectation that the line’s – one of the most important in the world – vessels will visit Cuba this year.

During the second Summit of Opportunities in Cuba, convened by the Wharton Business School to explore the potential arising from the bilateral rapprochement, Del Rio told The Havana Reporter that he has “plans for some of his ships to arrive in Cuba before the end of the year, subject only to official authorization”.

According to the executive, ports such as Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos have the infrastructural conditions necessary to receive this important company’s ships.

He added that Cuba is ready and in fact has for some time been receiving European company owned cruisers, its ports are better equipped than many of those in the 430 destinations of our ships.

The possibility of NCLH ships docking in Cuba is due to the new scenario between Cuba and the United States; the result of the process toward the normalization of relations announced by presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama on December 17, 2014.

Even though the more than half a century old North American blockade of Cuba is still fully in force, executive flexibilization measures dictated by Obama have created space for certain links, something Cuba deems insufficient, demanding that all unilateral sanctions be lifted in order to talk about normalization.

Del Río was one of more than 200 investors and members of the business community in attendance at the second Summit of Opportunities in Cuba which, as it also was in April last year, was held in the Nasdaq stock exchange headquarters on Times Square.

According to Del Rio, this particularly good time in relations between both countries “generates hope”.

For the NCLH president, it is vital for both Cuba and the U.S that ties in all sectors, political, cultural and economic, are enhanced.

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