MADRID._ Spain’s Iberia airline has ratified the reopening of its Madrid-Havana route for June 1, distinguishing it as the star of its long distance flights.

The company announced that 39 new routes will open this summer, incorporating 19 additional destinations while the frequency of flights in the current 22 routes will increase.

Spain’s Iberia airline has ratified the reopening of its Madrid-Havana route for June 1, distinguishing it as the star of its long distance flights.Iberia’s long operational range includes three new destinations: Havana, after more than two years of discontinuation, Cali, and Medellín, beginning on July 3.

Montevideo and Santo Domingo also feature among the new destinations. In the case of Santo Domingo, the company has increased the number of flights from five weekly to one daily.

In Europe, Iberia and Iberia Express will open flights to five destinations in Italy: Florence and Naples (permanently), and Palermo, Catania and Verona (in the summer seasons only).

Moreover, the number of flights to Venice will increase during the summer.

In Germany, the airline will launch direct flights to Hamburg and increase those to Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.

Flights operated by Iberia Express will open from Madrid to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, and from Santander to the same destination, operated by Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

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