The charismatic Cuban athlete, retired hammer-thrower Yipsi Moreno, is to be awarded the Beijing 2008 Olympic title -- a deserved reward for an outstanding career – following the disqualification for doping of the Belarusian champion, Aksana Miankova.

Moreno won three world titles – Edmonton 2001, Paris 2003 and Helsinki 2005 – and came fourth in Osaka 2007, just 2 cm behind the German athlete, Betty Heidler.

The charismatic Cuban athlete, retired hammer-thrower Yipsi Moreno, is to be awarded the Beijing 2008 Olympic title -- a deserved reward for an outstanding career – following the disqualification for doping of the Belarusian champion, Aksana Miankova.However, an Olympic gold medal always seemed just beyond her grasp.

She finished fourth with a throw of 68.33m, in her first Olympics in Sydney 2000, behind the bronze medallist, German Kirsten Münchow, with 69.28m.

Moreno was clear favorite four years later in Athens and threw 73.36m, but finished second behind the Russian, Olga Kuzenkova, who set a new Olympic record with 75.05m.

The Cuban won silver again in Beijing 2008, with 75.20m throw, a record that was only beaten by Miankova (76.34), who neither before nor since had been able to reach the podium in a major world competition.

In her last Olympic Games, in London 2012, Yipsi Moreno came sixth with a throw of 74.60m.

Moreno retired following her success in the Veracruz 2015 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Born in the province of Camagüey on November 19, 1980, she will now receive her Beijing 2008 Games gold medal as a result of doping by the European player.

The World Anti-doping Agency announced that Miankova had tested positive in a retroactive test conducted with new technology.

This not the first time the Cuban athlete has been crowned this way.

In 2013, an analysis of Kuzenkova’s second test established that the player had used a prohibited substance during the Helsinki 2007 World Championship.

After her disqualification by the International Olympic Committee, Moreno was granted her third consecutive world title.

When the medal is righteously bestowed on the former hammerthrower , it will bring to three the number of gold medals won by Cuba in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The first was won by the Greco-Roman wrestler Mijaín López and the second by 110m hurdler, Dayron Robles.

It will also bring Cuba, the leader in Latin America and the Caribbean, up to 19th place overall.

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