The Cuban team will add to the atmosphere of the VIII Indoor Football World Cup Finals Colombia-2016, scheduled to run from September 10 to October 1 next. This will be their fifth time to participate in the event first held in Holland in 1989.

The Cuban team will add to the atmosphere of the VIII Indoor Football World Cup Finals Colombia-2016, scheduled to run from September 10 to October 1 next. This will be their fifth time to participate in the event first held in Holland in 1989.Although five appearances in eight such finals indicates consistency and is a great achievement for such a small country, the Cuban’s results in the competition are somewhat of a bad joke that leaves a lot to be desired.

Since their debut in Spain 1996, the islanders have a tally of just one victory and 12 defeats and an appalling balance of 24 goals for and 92 against, resulting in their always having been knocked out in the group stages and twice finishing last.

Cuba will have an opportunity to redeem itself, to rise phoenix like from the ashes, to rewrite history and to change its World Cup image.

It should be remembered though, that the agonizing qualification for Colombia-2016 came by taking the fourth and last available place on offer in the North, Central American and Caribbean Indoor Football Confederation Championships.

It does seem that Cuba could shine this time around in the home of the world’s finest coffee. The World Cup draw left them in Group B, alongside Egypt, Thailand and favorites to advance, Russia.

Under the careful eye of coach Clemente Reinoso and captained by veteran Jhonnet Martínez, the only survivor from the last team to qualify back in 2008 , the team can realistically expect to beat both Thailand and Egypt, teams of only average ability.

Cuba has the added advantage of gifted players like Kevin Mariño and Sandy Domínguez, who will give their all in Colombia to create the correct impression and perhaps, put a smile on the faces of their fans back home.

Other Latin American hopefuls are Colombia, Panamá, Paraguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina and the five time World Cup winners -- 1989, 1992, 1996, 2008, 2012 – and favorites again this time around, Brazil.

Can Cuba improve on past Indoor Football World Cup final performances...? Here’s hoping!

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