The Cuban boxers’ performance was almost perfect in the Pre-World Tournament held at the end of August in the Venezuelan state of Vargas, where the largest of the Antilles conquered seven out of the 10 crowns in dispute, with barely three defeats in 30 combats.

The three losers were the three present world medalists Yosbany Veitía (Bronze in 52 kgs), Lazaro Álvarez (gold in 60 kgs) and Julio César La Cruz (gold in 81 kgs).

The Cuban boxers’ performance was almost perfect in the Pre-World Tournament held at the end of August in the Venezuelan state of Vargas, where the largest of the Antilles conquered seven out of the10 crowns in dispute, with barely three defeats in 30 combats.The best news was the victory of young Joahnys Argilagos against Mexican Joselito Velasquez, in a tight fight that could have turned in favor of either of the two, but what could seem like a good prediction was actually a message to organizers: take the lead now, because it will be another story when you fight against Venezuelans.

Effectively, the fights of La Cruz and Veitia against Albert Ramirez and Yoel Finol, respectively, if it is true they lacked their previous glow, they could have stayed on the Cuban side.

None of the two were sufficiently aggressive, but their rivals also did not show too much but profited more from the fervor of fans.

More justice was seen in the defeat of Alvarez against Brazilian Robson Conceicao, who went all out and connected several effective blows, something very unusual when the double world monarch from Pinar del Rio is in the ring.

The only fight that was expected and could not be seen was the revenge of Yasniel Toledo against Canadian Arthur Biyarslanov, who won a polemic fight at the Pan American Games of Toronto-2015, but the northern boxer was not present at the semifinal after a slight cut during his previous combat.

Anyway, few doubt that the only place where the northern fighter won that battle was at home. It is unlikely that they will see each other at the world tournament, so this return fight will not be seen at least until next year.

In general, Cuba achieved its objective of winning all the tickets for the World of Doha, but to date there have been a lot of wins obtained by the Caribbean boxers since the end of the Fifth World series and although refereeing has played its role in some of them, it is something to improve for the next world tournament.

Luckily it will be in Qatar, a country where there are not many quality boxers, but fighting against the stands should always be a fixed signature in any sport where appreciation of third parties can decide.

After Cuba, who won its 10 tickets, were the hosts who guaranteed the presence of eight of their representatives in the world venue, while Argentina will take part in the Qatar capital with six boxers and Mexico with five.

It is clear that the universal contest will be much more demanding, but already in Vargas there was a premiere of which Latin American boxers should be protagonists from October 8 to October 17, when the first three in each weight category will win their ticket to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro-2016.

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