The investigation into the Panama Papers has as many secrets as the number of individuals from anonymous societies hiding fortunes, according to news releases.

The dark sides begin with who got the documents and how, because the story about an alleged server breach at the Mossack-Fonseca law firm does not seem to convince experts interviewed by The Havana Reporter. These experts say it is very hard to extract 2,600 gigabytes of data though a “security breach.”

The investigation into the Panama Papers has as many secrets as the number of individuals from anonymous societies hiding fortunes, according to news releases.Disclosures by the U.S. government showing that its U.S. Agency for International Development finances the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project which is allied to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) brings the issue to light.

Panamanian journalist David Carrasco, director of Bayano Digital newspaper, told The Havana Reporter that, according to him, the journalists involved in it had no idea of the world scandal and were not aware of how the issue would end, because they are separate investigations.

When analyzing what has happened, which also involves political figures and individuals from other sectors, it seems as though it were a project entailing a change in the world scene and this campaign is perfect for rebuilding the world, he noted.

The Havana Reporter talked with one of the journalists involved in the investigation into the Panama Papers, who has access to the documents under strict security measures.

“Both in public and in private, two journalists with Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung (newspaper) said they got the files from an individual whose identity they did not reveal and agreed to share them with the ICIJ, but everything has gotten confused on the way,” he said anonymously.

Conjectures, assertions and forced links are part of the current scenario that has become a scandal, amid alleged crimes with a longstanding business and financial organization that has brought the economic and financial world upsidedown due to the lack of control primarily by the liberal school and then by the neoliberal school.

„It has come to our attention that the Argentinean media has given little importance to the Macri case, considering the seriousness of the accusation,” reported Zeitung, while criticizing that they have given more importance to the denunciation involving Néstor Kirchner.

Meanwhile, the story on Mossack- Fonseca’s relations with companies created by the U.S. and British intelligence services such as the one connected with Iranian Farhad Azima, one of the protagonists in the Iran-Contras scandal, has had little or no coverage at all.

The advertising upheaval is only being used to prepare the stage for the New World Order because papers are just papers.

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