Located in Cuba’s westernmost province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba’s largest cave system Santo Tomas with 46km on seven levels offers adventure-loving visitors an attractive option.

Located in Cuba’s westernmost province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba’s largest cave system Santo Tomas with 46km on seven levels offers adventure-loving visitors an attractive option.Speleologist Mikel Díaz, age working as a guide to this underground wonderland and everyday he introduces groups of tourists to the hidden marvels of a world hidden by mountains.

In this second cave system of Latin America – the first being in Mexico – even inexperienced visitors can explore up to level six; 120m above ground and 187m above sea level, at which point the 7th level becomes naturally inaccessible.

Every week 300 mainly German, French, Italian, Argentinean, Canadian and North American tourists, accompanied by their Cuban counterparts and aided by the expertise of their guide and the strategically placed handrails and steps, take the hour and a half tour.

Experts describe this as a most stimulating experience for nature and adventure loving tourists who relish new forms of stirring their adrenaline.

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