QUITO._ The government of Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has reduced the income based poverty index by almost 15 percentage points since 2007.

According to the National Planning Department (SENPLADES for its Spanish initials), the national income based poverty rate at the end of 2014 stood at 22.5 percent.

SENPLADES confirmed that eight years ago the rate reached 36.74 percent and that by December 2013 it had fallen to 25.55 percent.

The government of Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has reduced the income based poverty index by almost 15 percentage points since 2007.Official figures released by the Ecuadorian Statistics and Census Institute indicate that in December 2007 the rate of extreme poverty was 16.45 percent, that in the same month in 2013 it was 8.61 percent , and in 2014 it was further down to 7.65 percent.

The National Planning Department recalled that poverty reduction required the prioritization of areas such as health related issues, employment, education and income generation, in which the government was making the most important public investment in the nation´s history.

Nationally, the government has designed a program to close the inequality gap by responding to the basic needs of the population.

Correa recently said that thousands of families experienced an improved quality of life and had been removed from poverty as a result of governmental policies during this period.

Ecuador is among the Latin American countries that have most reduced poverty. The President said that, “all going well, we will hand the nation back in 2017 with an absolute poverty rate of 3 percent.”

He commented that the Amazonian region, despite representing 5 percent of the population, was most vulnerable, with poverty rates reaching 22 percent, a result of the exclusion the region had endured during successive administrations.

The Head of State said that the eradication of this scourge in Amazonia was realistic because the population could be reached by way of inclusive developmental socioeconomic projects.

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