QUITO._ Ecuador is one of the Latin American countries with the greatest decline in poverty. If the goals of the Citizens´ Revolution are met, poverty will have been reduced to 3 percent by 2017.

By the end of 2014, the consumption poverty index in Ecuador had fallen to 25.8 percent.

Ecuador is one of the Latin American countries with the greatest decline in poverty. If the goals of the Citizens┬┤ Revolution are met, poverty will have been reduced to 3 percent by 2017.President Rafael Correa has frequently reiterated in various scenarios that the country aspires to further reductions through the implementation of public policies.

On finding out the latest results of the Survey of Living Conditions (SLC), Correa, an economist, described the parameters as promising, noting that extreme poverty conditions in the country had fallen to 5.7 percent.

He described this as good news on his Twitter account and noted that this survey is undertaken every four years for which a nationwide total of 900,000 persons from 28,000 homes are consulted.

Correa commented that the SLC, carried out between November 2013 and the same month of the following year, offers the most comprehensive results available from the National Institute of Statistics and Census, affiliated to the National Planning and Development Department (NPDD).

The president explained that governmental programs had ensured that thousands of Ecuadorian families experienced an improved quality of life.

He recalled that the Amazonian region, despite accounting for only 5 percent of Ecuador‘s 16 million inhabitants, was most vulnerable due to the marginalization suffered under successive administrations with poverty rates reaching 22 percent.

Correa believes that poverty can be eradicated in this zone, specifically because of the feasibility of reaching inhabitants through development and inclusive socioeconomic programs.

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