The Isotope Centre (CENTIS in Spanish) guarantees a better quality of life to Cuban patients who benefit from their supply of all the radio-drugs used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

In 2015, over 180 thousand Cubans were treated with such therapeutic drugs, manufactured with radioactive materials called radioisotopes.

The Isotope Centre (CENTIS in Spanish) guarantees a better quality of life to Cuban patients who benefit from their supply of all the radio-drugs used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.Luis Ducat, chief of the CENTIS Innovation and Development Department, told The Havana Reporter that these drugs can be administered orally, injected intravenously or be instilled into a body cavity, to travel later through the bloodstream and fight cancer or relieve its symptoms.

“One of the products the facility manufactures is yttrium-90 (Y-90), a key component to treat liver tumors and other illnesses.

“Technetium-99 (99mTc) is another radioisotope product used to diagnose malignant tumors in the liver, spleen and bone marrow, as well as in the lymph glands and some types of breast cancer.”

According to Ducat, 20 thousand patients in Cuba were treated for cancer, and 50 thousand new cases were diagnosed with CENTIS products in 2015, which facilitated a therapeutic focus on the treatment of these conditions.

The specialist added that over 85 thousand hormone tests were also conducted using radio-immunoanalysis, and other 25 thousand patients used these products to treat cardiovascular and kidney diseases.

In addition to the radio-drugs and the compounds used in Nuclear Medicine, the centre provides scientific and technical services to the sector and the medical application of isotopes.

Nuclear medicine needs a constant and reliable supply of the radioactive drugs prepared in accordance with the regulatory requisites of best manufacturing practice at CENTIS .

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