The Cuban Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry institution, BioCubaFarma, is developing new vaccines to increase the effectiveness and security indicators of pre-clinical trials conducted on the population.

The main advances include a tetravalent formula to fight dengue by the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB).

The Cuban Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry institution, BioCubaFarma, is developing new vaccines to increase the effectiveness and security indicators of pre-clinical trials conducted on the population.Researchers from the Finlay Institute are conducting tuberculosis studies and specialists from the Molecular Chemistry Centre are developing a contra-pneumococcus heptavalent compound against.

The three studies were awarded the 2015 National Prize by the Cuban Academy of Sciences in the Biomedical Sciences category.

Another contribution includes a cholera vaccine, a study jointly undertaken by experts of the National Scientific Research Centre, the Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute and the Finlay Institute.

BioCubaFarma is currently working on another dozen medical compounds as part of their immunization program.

Thanks to such compounds, nine diseases have been eradicated and five have reduced infection indicators.

Their most important vaccine development relates to the mass application of one against hepatitis B.

Thanks to this, no case of the illness has been reported in children under the age of five in Cuba since 1999.

BioCubaFarma Serves Public Health BioCubaFarma is an company styled organization that manufactures medicines and state-of-theart technology to improve human health and generate goods and services for export.

The pharmaceutical industry produces over 857 products included in the Basic Medicines Group of the Cuban Public Health System. It simultaneously works in the development of new drugs.

BioCubaFarma has nationwide distribution chain throughout Cuba, and has 802 international patents, It exports to 48 countries.

BioCuba Farma exploits several business modalities for international growth that include joint research and development projects, distribution and representation agreements, tec hnology - transfer agreements and -- in addition to fully owned
Cuban companies abroad -- joint ventures in third countries.

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