Speaking in Havana, the French ambassador in Cuba, Jean-Marie Bruno, highlighted Cuba’s contribution to the advancement of the next United Nations Climate Conference, COP21, to be held soon in Paris.

In an interview with The Havana Reporter at the Embassy in Havana, the diplomat stated that, „Cuba has been an important partner in preparations for this conference, participating in aseries of regional bodies, such as the Association of Small Island States as well as in the Caribbean and Latin American environment.”

Speaking in Havana, the French ambassador in Cuba, Jean-Marie Bruno, highlighted Cuba’s contribution to the advancement of the next United Nations Climate Conference, COP21, to be held soon in Paris.He also said that Cuba has a significant and highly valued influence over many nations when looking to reach a consensus within the COP.

This consensus was described by the diplomat as having to face the enormous challenge of containing the climate changes that threaten every economy and society on Earth.

The Ambassador added that Paris was hopeful that this coming climate summit could deliver an ambitious accord that would adhere to obligations, and facilitate the limitation of global temperature increases to less than 2º Celsius.

He expressed that Cuba’s participation in a recent regional summit of Caribbean Heads of State and Government in Martinique, organized by French president, Francois Hollande, was appreciated.

He went on to say that the relations with Cuba are both intense and important and that France value the role played by Cuba in the search for an accord that would secure human life for future generations.

He emphasized that France has endeavored to stimulate preparatory works for the Climate Conference, and that as a member of the European Union it has a defined position on the ambitious objectives, and wants to become a model for the controlling of greenhouse gas emissions, setting an example for other industrialized nations.

The ambassador added that France, in its role as future president of the COP21, would seek to create a discursive atmosphere facilitating the arrival at a consensus, with due regard to the different interests that characterize each nation.

France has organized a series of informal COP21 preparatory meetings which have allowed for the strategies of different states, the identification of potential areas of agreement and where progress is yet to be made.

One such preliminary meeting of Environmental Ministers, would be held within a week in Paris, the ambassador said, in an effort to bring positions closer so that a climate agreement could be reached by next December.

The French Diplomat explained that the world climate conference would open with a summit of heads of Governments and States, because it is they who must give political impetus to negotiations for the advancement of the issues.

Within just one month in the French capital, representatives of every nation on earth will seek to reach a universal agreement at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP21.

The primary purpose of this newP document is the attempt to reduce contaminating greenhouse gas emissions to avert damage to life and ecosystems.

The Climate talks seek to keep global warming within a 2º Celsius limit in comparison to the pre-industrial era that commenced in 1850.

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