Some 700 delegates from Latin America, Europe, the CARICOM member countries and the United States will attend the first Cuban Congress on Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine, scheduled to run from July 1-3 at Havana’s Convention Center.

Loss of pigmentation on the face and nigricans, comprehensive therapy, myoti-therapy and re-densification of the facial border, as well as growth factors in nanoaesthetics are some of the topics to be included in the scientific program.

Some 700 delegates from Latin America, Europe, the CARICOM member countries and the United States will attend the first Cuban Congress on Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine, scheduled to run from July 1-3 at Havana’s Convention Center.Malignant lesions on the face, cosmetic care, ozone therapy in cosmetology and human placentabased vitiligo treatments are other themes for discussion.

Sponsored by, amongst other bodies, the Cosmetology Group of the Cuban Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Latin American Aesthetic Training School (ELCES), some 200 Cuban delegates are also expected to participate in the event.

Latin America will be represented by specialists from Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Director of the National Council of Scientific Health Societies, Pedro Velis said that the congress will unite several societies under a common goal: the biopsychic-social wellbeing of peoples in a human health context.

The congress will be the starting point for the opening in Cuba of an aesthetic school intended to approve the activity.

The first seminar on Responsible Aesthetic Practices will be held in parallel to the congress, with the objective of providing Cuban and Latin American aesthetic experts with the tools needed for this practice.

Other parallel events will include a trade show and a business round table where Cuban and international companies will exhibit health service related products, services and technologies.

Argentinean expert Juan Magrina, highlighted the Cuban health authorities’ support for holding the congress. It is necessary to know how to combine aesthetics and medicine to avoid making the mistakes that arise due to the lack of training and knowledge in certain areas, he said.

Organized by the Cuban Ministries of Public Health and Home Trade, the first Congress on Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine will also welcome experts from Spain and Canada.

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