The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is to allocate some 50 million Euro to help Cuba develop a project to promote development in key areas such as fertilizer and agricultural machinery production.

According to the UN organization’s representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, Alejandro Rivero, the outline agreement signed with the Cuban government in December 2015 is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is to allocate some 50 million Euro to help Cuba develop a project to promote development in key areas such as fertilizer and agricultural machinery production.He explained that the initiatives relate to areas such as renewable energy sources, water, the environment, the promotion of industrial parks and the modernization of factories that produce fertilizers and agricultural machinery.

On the issue of water management, Rivero said that there are works planned for the eastern city of Bayamo, in the province of Granma and that the industrial park will be developed in the Cotorro municipality in Havana.

Rivero added that the plan includes the design of a comprehensive industrial strategy that will assess the country’s capability and competiveness index, He outlined that these investments would benefit the fertilizer plant in the town of Nuevitas and the agricultural tools factory in Holguín, both in eastern Cuba. The works are to be undertaken over a three-year period with Russian funding of an estimated at $2 million.

Gilma Noroña, one of the project coordinators, said that one of the project’s main objectives is to create a synergy between the production and the promotion of new fertilizer formulas, to make the best possible use of the sector’s scientific potential and replace imports.

Rivero said that UNIDO also had plans to launch a project to strengthen the value chain in the Cuban music industry to commence at the beginning of September and to be completed in 2018. It will allocate $1.3 million donated by South Korea’s International Agency for Cooperation to this venture.

He also said that the quality of Cuban music is internationally renowned and the objective of the UN organization’s support is to help increase the music industry’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product by stimulating sales abroad.

The UN representative explained that the project will focus on professional training, accessing new technologies, preserving Cuba’s musical heritage and strategies for international sales.

Rivero added that the project will also finance the purchase of four technologically advanced digital recording studios to facilitate the preservation of decade’s old musical creations.

He stressed that “projects at aimed sustainable and comprehensive development such as this sre very important for UNIDO.”

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