Quality, efficiency and fast loading/ unloading services should characterize the new terminal being built at the Guillermón Moncada Harbor in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

In keeping with the renewed vitality that currently characterizes the Cuban economy, the project is partly financed with capital by China’s Communications Construction Company Ltd.

Quality, efficiency and fast loading/ unloading services should characterize the new terminal being built at the Guillermón Moncada Harbor in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.The work forms part of the ever increasing foreign investment process in the Cuban tourism, industry and infrastructure sectors, with investors from many countries highly confident of the Cuban future.

The terminal will result in an industrial development zone able to meet the current needs of Santiago de Cuba city and its port.

According to engineer Juan Guerra Macía, director of Yarayó Investment Division of the Port and Maritime Transport Business Group –the investor on the Cuban side- the idea is to build a modern, multifunctional dock in a three-year term, able to cope with some 565,000 tons of goods annually.

The projected 231.15 m long loading/unloading area will have three modern cranes and involve the construction of 24 works like warehouses, roads and railroads.

The implementation phase for this year includes two key objectives: ground works and the construction of the dock. For this, the Chinese firm is subcontracting Cuban entities for the supply of the resources, services and equipment needed.

Once finished, the modern port will allow for increased port freighter operations and work in direct coordination with the Mariel Special Development Zone in navigation activity.

It will also increase possibilities for future participation in trade activities with the Caribbean region.

According to Chinese and Cuban experts, once operational, the dock will welcome ships of up to 40,000 tons, saving the country considerable amounts of money in freight services and contributing income from related services.

The projects’ ultimate goal is to boost the export of goods and services from the five eastern Cuban provinces and the province of Camagüey, and to enhance relations between the Cuban economy and foreign trade.

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