The Entrepreneurial Group of the Electronic, Information Technology, Automation and Communication Industry (GELECT in Spanish) participated in the 2nd edition of the Cubaindustria 2016 International Convention for the capture new markets.

The Entrepreneurial Group of the Electronic, Information Technology, Automation and Communication Industry (GELECT in Spanish) participated in the 2nd edition of the Cubaindustria 2016 International Convention for the capture new markets.The sector is viewed as one of those best positioned to contribute to the development of the economy - because of the scientific talent of its specialists.

GELECT creates high-level products, designs and services that compete on both national and the international markets.

Yamilé Herrera, GELECT’s business director said that it is important to show to the world the how the Cuban electronic industry has developed to date.

The Group offers solutions to the information technology, renewable energy, automation, energy efficiency, electrical appliances, security systems and communication technology fields.

An important objective of the industry is the identification of potential business opportunities and investments for the restructuring of their industrial plant to meet national and international demands.

“We endeavor to stay well on top of developments in order to achieve efficient, feasible and competitive results for Cuban industry,” Herrera added.

Initiatives in this regard are aimed at reduce imports and increase the integration of national components, something achieved through cooperation projects with Chinese companies like Haier.

The GELECT’s product range includes induction cookers, LED lights, photovoltaic panels, UPS, computers, TV sets and printer cartridges.

Cuba has recently been concentrating on solar energy generation, a renewable higher impact energy source.

As a result, the production capacity of photovoltaic units has been enhanced and new designs and solutions have been introduced in systems that are either self standing or interconnected to the national electrical energy system.

This goal requires the modernization of technological and production processes for the efficient manufacture of quality products.

On this basis, analysts consider that the Cuban electronics industry is now poised to meet many demands today satisfied by imports.

An increase in national production would generate enhanced profits.

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