Cuba and Spain signed an accord in Havana on the planning and management of land, sea, rail and air transport.

Cuba and Spain signed an accord in Havana on the planning and management of land, sea, rail and air transport.The document was signed by Ana Pastor, the Spanish Minister for Development and by Adel Yzquierdo, the Cuban Minister for Transport.

This is the first agreement between the two governments on infrastructural developments to improve road travel, the design and regulation of marine transport, rail and airport services management and train maintenance.

The text adds that collaboration on the financial structure of the projects, the up-skilling of engineers and other professionals and the promotion of technological development and innovation in the sector is envisaged.

During the ceremony Pastor stressed the significance of the deal for both sides at a time when Cuba is interested in improving infrastructure and is open to foreign capital investments.

He also referred to Spain’s role in the political dialogue and cooperation agreement reached with the European Union last March, adding that there was still further progress and contributions to be made on matters of mutual interset.

The Spanish Development Minister offered her country’s experience in planning, construction and the exploitation of infrastructure based on the development of a transport system that she confirmed had “given Spain a modern infrastructure, consistent with the needs of both the public and business”.

Cuba and Spain signed an accord in Havana on the planning and management of land, sea, rail and air transport.Pastor pointed out that Aena, the Spanish airport operator, had accumulated a considerable degree of knowledge about all airport types and how to best utilize network synergies, experience and the orientation of tourism and had invested 1,800 million euro in airport infrastructure and the execution of the transformation and optimization of airport management systems.

He highlighted the experience that Spanish companies had acquired through participation in international projects like the second stage of the Harmain High Velocity line that crosses Saudi Arabia to join Meca and Medina and the Marmaray underwater rail link between the Asian and European parts of Turkey.

He also mentioned, amongst other ventures, the expansion of the Panama Canal that will open in the coming months, the construction of the Riad and Lima metro lines and California’s first high speed train, international contracts worth in excess of 55,343,000,000 million euro in 2015.

Pastor’s first official visit coincided with that of his country’s Foreign Minister, José Manuel García-Margallo to Cuba and included meetings with high ranking Cuban government officials such as the Ministers for Construction, René Mesa, Transport, Adel Yzquierdo and Foreign Trade and Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca.

Cuba and Spain have sustained close economic cooperation over many decades.

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