HAVANA._ Cuban cinemas will screen 27 new movies during the two summer months of July and August, much to the satisfaction of the many cinema lovers.

According to the vice president of the Cuban Institute for Art and Cinematography (ICAIC for its Spanish initials), Benigno Iglesias, the movie program will be diverse and attractive in all of the country’s provinces since many of the films that will be screened have won several international prizes espite being very recent productions.

This is the case with “La Isla Minima,” winner of the Goya Prize for best movie, “Magical Girl,” also winner of the Spanish Goya Prize for best female actress, and “Welcome to New York,” a film inspired by the case of Strauss-Kahn.

Many critics agree that the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu’s performance in a portrait of selfdestruction of a man that falls victim to addictions is memorable to say the least.

Cuban cinemas will screen 27 new movies during the two summer months of July and August, much to the satisfaction of the many cinema lovers.Iglesias said that the Cuban public will also be able to enjoy six new fiction short films and 14 animation movies that will be part of the children’s program.

“For the first time this summer, we will show three national movie premieres,” the director announced.

The first of these, “La Ciudad” (The City) by Thomas Piard, will be screened for the first time on July 14, while on August 7 Cuba’s largest cinemas will start showing “Fatima,” a film by Jorge Perugorria that was very well received at the last Festival for New Latin American Cinema.

“Esteban,” Jonal Cosculluela’s opera prima, which will be saved for the end of summer, is starred by the experienced actors Yuliet Cruz and Manuel Porto. “It revolves around the life of a 9-year-old boy who lives in a troubled household and discovers his passion for music,” the specialist commented.

Additionally, Iglesias announced two special cinema programs scheduled for this summer: one in July named “12 genres, 12 countries, and 12 must-see movies,” and one in August entitled “Highlights of Rock.”

The last one includes interesting fiction movies and great performances by actors that have left their mark on that genre.

A 3D projection of the popular American rock band Metallica will inaugurate that cycle at the Cinemateca de Cuba.

The Caribbean island hosts the International Festival for New Latin American Cinema every year in which more than 100 movies of the entire continent partake. Another much enjoyed event by the Cuban public is the French Film Festival, as well as many other cinematographic productions of other countries around the world.

During this summer, the Cinemateca de Cuba will pay homage to film celebrities such as to the Swiss actress Ingrid Bergman, the French actor Alain Delon, and the unforgettable British actor Charles Chaplin.

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