Eight films shown in Cuba during the first Swedish Film Festival of were very well received by audiences in Havana.

“Many Cubans know Ingmar Bergman, Greta Garbo and other stars from the last century.

Ambassador Elisabeth Eklund said before the festival opened that „the objective of this festival is to show the latest Swedish films.“

Eight films shown in Cuba during the first Swedish Film Festival of were very well received by audiences in Havana.The event opened with the film We are the Best. Eklund explained that it deals with the life of young and strong women, Rated as enjoyable and nice by the specialized website Film Affinity, Lucas Moodysson’s film tells the story of three adolescent girls who want to form a punk rock band.

According to Eklund, the film is in line with the foreign policy advocated by her country in favor of gender equality.

The documentary „Astrid“, about Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pippi Longstocking, was also very much appreciated by Havana viewers.

A series of books have been published and translated into more than 40 languages since 1945, based on the character of the strong and witty girl.

Havana’s 23 and 12 Movie-theater ran a documentary about African refugees in Sweden entitled “Good People” from June 7 to 12.

Directed by Anders Helgeson, the 95-minute long documentary won the Public Award during the Hamburg Festival and was nominated in the same category during the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam.

The feature films Young Sophie Bell, Miracles in Viskan, Avalon, and Prostitute, as well as the short film This is Sweden completed the list of films chosen by the Swedish embassy in Habana and Cuba’s Film Library.

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