HAVANA._ Nobody was more surprised about the Buena Vista Social Club boom than Cuban musicians themselves. All of a sudden, the same old son and trova music began to fill the theaters of the most cosmopolitan cities. While it went as far as to be considered a phenomenon, to Cubans it was simply the very essence of their country: its traditional music.

 Nobody was more surprised about the Buena Vista Social Club boom than Cuban musicians themselves.Fashion comes and goes but the authentic lasts forever; and the same goes for Cuba’s traditional music. This is exemplified by the launch of the the Septeto Santiaguero’s (septet) new album, a tribute to the duo “Los Compadres, initially made up of Lorenzo Hierrezuelo and Francisco Repilado, internationally known as “Compay Segundo”. Reynaldo, a brother of Lorenzo´s, joined in later.

“No quiero llanto. Tributo a Los Compadres” (Don’t Cry for Me. Tribute to Los Compadres) is the title of the new album recorded in collaboration with José Alberto (“El Canario”), and several talented guests such as Oscar D León, Ismael Miranda, Andy Montañez, Eliades Ochoa, Eduardo “Tiburón” Morales, The Oriente Symphony Orchestra, Los Hoyos Conga from Santiago de Cuba, and Puerto Rico’s Esencia band.

Recorded last year, the album has already been launched in Colombia, Spain, France, Italy, and will be introduced to the Cuban market through the EGREM record label, featuring concerts in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, where son music was born.

 Nobody was more surprised about the Buena Vista Social Club boom than Cuban musicians themselves.Fernando Deward, the septet’s director, knows that promoting and defending his music is a huge challenge in Havana, due to the many rhythms that converge and compete in the capital, with an audience that is both demanding and cultured.

This double record comprises different genres such as bolero, conga, son, and guaracha, and includes songs from Cuban popular music’s golden age.

Without the intensity of contemporary rhythms that almost require the dancer to be an acrobat in order to keep pace with the fast beat, the Septeto Santiaguero’s music is danced the old-fashioned way - the couple dances slowly and closely together. Regardless of the individual dance styles, however, the music’s golden rule always has to be complied with: it is a music to be enjoyed because, in the end, son is the best music to make the soul happy.

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