HAVANA._ Dynamic, surprising, joyful and creative, the celebrated Cuban composer, guitarist and orchestra director Leo Brouwer has been busy organizing the “Les Voix Humaines” (Human Voices) Festival in Havana, taking place from September 25 to October 18, in which internationally renowned performers will participate.

Dynamic, surprising, joyful and creative, the celebrated Cuban composer, guitarist and orchestra director Leo Brouwer has been busy organizing the “Les Voix Humaines” (Human Voices) Festival in Havana, taking place from September 25 to October 18, in which internationally renowned performers will participate.Artists who have already confirmed their attendance include Andreas Scholl (Germany), Sytse Buwalda (The Netherlands), Rodrigo Ferreira and Badi Assad (Brazil), Dulce Pontes (Portugal), and Mayte Martín (Spain).

The program will feature about 30 concerts involving more than 200 artists from 10 countries. Diana Fuentes, Augusto Enríquez, Johanna Simón and Vocal Sampling and Camerata Vocale Sine Nómine ensembles will, among others, represent Cuba. Brouwer said that the festival stands out for its collaboration with various Cuban cultural institutions and two events in particular: one dedicated to a Capella singing and another to countertenors. The event will be somewhat of a continuation of the Chamber Music Festival named after him, featuring the same integrated artistic concept which brings musicians who have made a name for themselves in recent years together, he added. Brouwer commented that the human voice is one of the most direct means for conveying information, while the festival is a call for peace and harmony.

The Leo Brouwer Traveling Chamber Music Festival will be held this year as well, starting in Milan (Italy) from June 3 to 7, the composer announced.

The program, to be run between October and December, will include performances in Rosario (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Monterrey (Mexico), Götzis (Austria), Cordoba (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), and Bogota (Colombia), in that order, the festival’s director, general producer, and musicologist Isabelle Hernández said. This is one of the few festivals that tours the world, and welcomes other artistic manifestations such as dance, cinema, and plastic arts, she explained.

The “Les Voix Humaines” Festival is part of a series of events organized in Cuba to boost cultural tourism.

Winner of the Tomás Luis de Victoria Ibero-American Music Award in 2010 and of the National Film Award in 2009, Leo Brouwer has been nominated for the Latin Songwriters´ Hall of Fame. The winners will be announced in the United States in late April.

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