HAVANA.- Geraldine Chaplin returned to Havana invited to the International Festival of New Latin American cinema and very excited by the idea of being a judge for the biggest cinematographic event in Cuba.

The British American actress claimed that the mostinteresting cinema is that which is created in Latin America because there is very little novelty in Europe. “I love being a judge but the only disadvantage is that at the end you have to choose, it’s as unavoidable as death and that’s when the bad moment comes”.

The daughter of the great Charles Chaplin reminded The Havana Reporter of how on one occasion she happened to meet Gabriel García Márquez when both of them were judges for the Cannes Film Festival in 1983: that was a very interesting experience in all senses.

Geraldine Chaplin returned to Havana invited to the International Festival of New Latin American cinema and very excited by the idea of being a judge for the biggest cinematographic event in Cuba.“Now, when I saw this festival’s catalogue, I immediately realized that there are marvelous movies, I want to see the productions of this continent and here I will be served”.

In other regions, she added, cinematographic productions only look to fill many seats on the
weekend; the cinema that I like to watch and make is here in Latin America.

On returning to Havana, the actress has felt as though she was coming back to her second home she said. She would even like to work in Cuba.

On the night of the inauguration of the International Festival of New Latin American cinema, Charles Chaplin’s daughter received the 2014 Coral Prize for the best leading female actress for the film Dollars of Sand (Dólares de arena. Dominican Republic, Argentina, Mexico).

“I’ve been meaning to pick up this prize for a year now”, she joked.

Geraldine Leigh Chaplin was born in 1944 and during her large cinematographic career which began when she was only a child, taking part in her father’s films; she has compiled important awards like the Goya from the Spanish Academy.

In the 37th edition of the Havana Film Festival she stood as president of the jury of fiction feature films.

Since 1979, the Cuban capital has held the cinematographic scene during the last month of the year and attracts visitors from all over the island and from all around the world.

The 37th edition of this festival, born from the sleeplessness of the great Gabriel García Márquez, the tireless Alfredo Guevara and the documentalist Santiago Álvarez, will welcome 444 films from different latitudes in their different sections of projection.

The Argentine film El Clan by Pablo Trapero opened the inaugural night; another film from this South American nation following the projection of Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes) in 2014.

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