The international hit Bailando, composed by Cuban Descemer Bueno and interpreted by his compatriots Gente D Zona and Spaniard Enrique Iglesias is today among the most seen video clips in the history of the Internet.

With about one billion hits on the popular website You Tube, Bailando is sixth among the most seen music videos ever on this website since it was founded in 2005.

The international hit Bailando, composed by Cuban Descemer Bueno and interpreted by his compatriots Gente D Zona and Spaniard Enrique Iglesias is today among the most seen video clips in the history of the Internet.Bailando also sets the milestone of being the only song in Spanish in the list of the 10 most visited videos on You Tube, topped by South Korean artista Psy and his super hit of 2012, Gangnam Style.

Recently, on Twitter Enrique Iglesias said “Thanks for making it possible for the spanish version of Bailando to reach one billion hits”.

Despite the credit generally being given to Iglesias, long before the Spanish artist even bought the rights to the video, the whole of Cuba was already enjoying the first video clip.

As well as establishing Bueno as one of the best composers in the present Latin American musical panorama, it also opened doors for the duo of urban music Gente D Zona to collaborate with several figures known worldwide.

After that hit, the duo conquered the Latin American and European market together with popular Puerto Rican salsa star Marc Anthony with the song La Gozadera that can well classify as successor of Bailando.

Both clips are directed by Cuban Alejandro Pérez and use dancing as a fundamental element in the videos.

In a recent concert in Havana, after two years of absence from stages on the island, Gente D Zona gathered 60 thousand people in a dowtown Havana avenue facing the sea.

Meanwhile, internationally, both songs lead the hit lists. Moreover, their collaboration with Venezuelans Chino and Nacho, the Cuban-Americans Pitbull and Jean Carlos Canela and Spaniard Juan Magan also became popular.

The Cuban reggaeton group, winner of several Grammy Latino Awards is preparing the details of their next album, Visualízate (Visualize) The origins of the group go back to the year 2000 when several rappers met in Alamar, a coastal town east of Havana, known as the cradle of Cuban hip-hop.

Having seen a thing or two, Gente D Zona climbs high in different latitudes, above all in Spain, where La Gozadera has become the theme song this summer, having held seven weeks at the top of the chart. Without beating about the bush, it is certain that this musical talent in Cuba is intact, one really has to search for alternatives and new strategies which allow those artists to achieve the promotion and international fame they undoubtedly deserve.

Bailando and La gozadera confirm the theory.

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