HAVANA._ If you are visiting Cuban places other than Havana you may happen to come across alternative venues for Cuba’s largest cultural event: The International Book Fair.

If you are visiting Cuban places other than Havana you may happen to come across alternative venues for Cuba’s largest cultural event: The International Book Fair.Opened in the Cuban capital on February 12, the event has more than five million books for sale, with representatives from 35 countries in attendance.

According to the president of the fair’s organizing committee, Zuleica Romay, Cuba’s publishing houses are offering nearly 200 books for children and youth, as well as more than 800,000 maps, toy books, and didactic puzzles.

As guest of honor country to this 24th edition of the fair, India has brought representations from 13 publishers with books on the most diverse themes, including architecture, science, poetry, yoga, and health.

India’s Secretary of State for Culture, Ravindra Singh, thanked the Cuban Book Institute and Indian institutions for translating 27 Indian classical works into Spanish, of which 100,000 books were printed to be sold at the fair at reasonable prices for Cubans, he said.

The ongoing book fair is dedicated to Cuban writers Olga Portuondo and Leonardo Acosta (winner of the 2014 National Music Award).

According to the event’s organizers, this could be a suitable framework for a cultural rapprochement between Cuba and the United States after the announcement made last December 17, when they agreed to begin a process for re-establishing diplomatic relations.

Romay believes the book fair could be a right space for the U.S. book industry and at the same time be profitable for Cuba.

Meanwhile, the fair’s president referred to the book Who Killed Che?, written by U.S. writers Michael Ratner and Michael Steven Smith, as one of the most attractive titles presented at the fair.

They researched the book using declassified CIA documents, revealing that entity’s role in the persecution and assassination of the Argentinean-Cuban guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara.

The fair is now spreading to the rest of the Cuban provinces with numerous proposals for all types of readers, ranging from children, students, scientists, and professionals from different fields and readers interested in art, cuisine, and sports; also including dictionaries and other publications.

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