HAVANA._ Once again, thousands of Cubans are gearing up to take part in the annual Terry Fox Marathon, a young Canadian hero who moved the world and left a legacy to continue the battle against cancer.

This March 14 all Cuban municipalities will celebrate, yet again, this homage to Terry in a brotherly commitment to contribute to this global cause to fight a disease that claims thousands of victims every year.

Once again, thousands of Cubans are gearing up to take part in the annual Terry Fox Marathon, a young Canadian hero who moved the world and left a legacy to continue the battle against cancer.In Cuba, the Terry Fox Marathon is more than just a mere concept; it is the most popular participatory event in the island. The occasion welcomes children, youths, adults, and people with special physical conditions that complete the circuit running, walking, in wheelchairs, on roller blades, or on bikes, all with the same spirit of solidarity. Its main objective is participation, not competition, and all contestants pass the finish line as winners in awareness of the disease, its risk factors, and the means to prevent it through a better and healthier lifestyle.

Every year, more than 50 nations commit to this Marathon of Hope in coordination with the Terry Fox Foundation. The donations raised through this event allow for more scientific research on cancer and the cure for it.

Terry suffered the amputation of his right leg at the age of 18 as a consequence of cancer. Despite this limitation, he dedicated himself to his resolution of running with an artificial leg several kilometers daily through Canada in order to fundraise money for the battle against cancer.

He maintained his brave cause for 143 consecutive days. Sadly, however, he passed away 10 months later on June 28, 1981, as the cancer had spread to his lungs.

His courage and dedication have made the Terry Fox Marathon the second largest marathon in the world in terms of number of participants.

The annual circuit that takes place in the Cuban capital – with its start and finish line in front of the Kid Chocolate sport center on the well-known Prado avenue –will once again remember and honor this brave young optimist whose example praises life and gives hope to thousands of people in the world.

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