Cuba’s Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) is coping with major tasks amid the ongoing process for updating the Cuban economic model, with guidelines that were recently ratified during the seventh Congress of Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC).

So it was stated by ETECSA President Mayra Arevich, who told The Havana Reporter that the telecommunications sector plays an important role in attaining the goals set by the PCC and the Revolution concerning the guidelines for the economic and social policy. These guidelines had been agreed in 2011 and were updated in the PCC Congress held last month.

Cuba’s Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) is coping with major tasks amid the ongoing process for updating the Cuban economic model, with guidelines that were recently ratified during the seventh Congress of Cuba’s Communist Party (PCC).As a delegate attending this congress, Arevich said that all the institutions connected with telecommunications are aware of their missions and commitments.

“We must contribute to the process of development and informatization of society by introducing new information, communication and automation technologies; hence having a positive impact on the country’s economic development,” she commented.

Averich admitted that ETECSA is the key element for developing infrastructure. Regarding this, she noted that the company staff feel as though they can identify with their missions, which has already and will continue to allow for the implementation of new services with higher quality and more accessibility for the population.

Main Guidelines. Projects
ETECSA plays a leading role in the Cuban strategic development plan by helping to successfully attain its sustainability goals and consolidate the results achieved as part of the informatization process of the Cuban society.

Additionally, it must make investments in the information technology and communication industry in accordance with the country’s economic situation, and help attain greater technological sovereignty.

Even though ETECSA has obtained major results over the past five years in regards to business management and the accomplishment of its social objective, Averich recognizes they still have a lot to do.

“We must enhance internet services, which are in great demand by the people, and do so safely,” the ETECSA president said, while admitting that this is one of the entity’s greatest responsibilities and main goals.

Among the achievements attained by the company in 2015, its president said that a considerable increase was seen in internet connection within education, the banking and law systems and public health. This tendency, Averich noted, is likely to be continued and will be extended to the rest of the country’s sectors.

Regarding internet Access for the population, she commented that the Wi-Fi areas and the cyber rooms opened in almost all the country’s municipalities have had a positive impact among the Cuban people.

Both choices are still insufficient compared to the demand, but the company plans to increase these services both in quantity and quality, she explained.

Similarly, ETCSA is getting ready to conduct pilot programs for home and cell phone internet services.

“These are huge projects that will have a great impact on the population and the country’s economic development as well. In addition to economic resources we need highly qualified human resources to be able to materialize them,” Averich said.

“Technologies become obsolete very rapidly, so our workers are being constantly trained. They assume this task with commitment and promptness, aware of their leading role in building a truly Cuban socialism,” the ETECSA president added.

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