Cuba prepares all in order to welcome the Pope Francis, the third that has visited the Caribbean island in 17 years, who is planned to officiate three masses among other activities in various Cuban cities.

A few days away from the arrival of the Supreme Pontiff and his apostolic visit is already aimed towards success if we take into account the quality and professionalism with which the necessary constructive works are being undertaken in Havana as well as in the eastern province of Holguín.

Cuba prepares all in order to welcome the Pope Francis, the third that has visited the Caribbean island in 17 years, who is planned to officiate three masses among other activities in various Cuban cities.The Monsignor Rodolfo Loiz from the National Commission of Archbishops in Havana in charge of the preparation for the Head of the Vatican State’s trip – planned to take place from September 19 to September 22 –described the built infrastructure as excellent.

Loiz, who also participated in the organization of the visits of Juan Pablo II in 1998, and Benedicto XVI in 2012, said that he felt satisfied by the work undertaken by the team from the Metallic Productions Company who are preparing the Plaza de la Revolución José Martí in the Cuban Capital, where the Pope will officiate mass on Sunday September 20.

They implemented a plan with the expected requirements, he said in allusion of the civil work of the Pope’s podium, two platforms for the press professionals, one for the choir and the orchestra of the liturgical ceremony and the sacristy where the mass is prepared specifies the place for the Chancellery.

In a tour carried out by The Havana Reporter in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana, they noted these advances.

According to the technical productive director of the Metallic Productions Company in Havana which belongs to the Ministry of Construction, the men that work here perform to the highest of their abilities in the middle of a complicated period due to the high temperatures registered in the country.

These tasks were completed with efficiency, quality and professionalism said Pérez. He underlined that 50 workers took on shifts of 12 hours a day from the beginning of the construction on July 8.

At the moment we find ourselves making the finishing touches of the painting and we are waiting for the set-up of symbols in the church, said Pérez, who added that the works are executed by the same group that participated in the construction when the Pope Benedicto XVI visited Cuba in March, 2012.

The head of the Vatican state will begin his apostolic journey on Saturday September 19 in Havana, where the Cuban government and the country’s people will give him the most cordial welcome.

The following day, he will officiate mass in the Plaza de la Revolución José Martí according to the program agreed upon by the Vatican authorities, the government of the Cuban Island and the Conference of Catholic Bishops.

On the same day he will pay a visit of courtesy to the Cuban president Raúl Castro and he will meet with priests, monks and seminarians in the Cathedral of Havana. He will also greet young people in the Félix Varela Cultural Center.

Monday September 21 he will move to Holguín to the Plaza de la Revolución “Calixto García Iñiguez” to officiate mass.

That same day the Supreme Pontiff will travel to Santiago de Cuba and on Tuesday 22 he will say mass in the Basílica Menor of Santuario of the “Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre”, On September 22 the Supreme Pontiff, whose visit holds the motto ‘the Missionary of Clemency’, will be bid farewell in the heroic city by the people of Santiago and the Cuban authorities.

During the closing ceremony of the 5th Ordinary Period of Sessions of the 8th Legislature of the National Assembly of the People’s Power, the Cuban president Raúl Castro expressed the following: ‘From now onwards we are preparing to receive the Pope Francis in September with affection, respect and hospitality, as he deserves’.

The Cuban dignitary underlined that “Pope Francis’ sermon awakens world admiration in favor of peace and equity, the eradication of poverty, the protection of the environment and his analysis of the causes of the problems of Humanity’.

After visiting the largest of the Antilles the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic church will set forth on his apostolic journey to the United states that will lead him through Washington, New York and Philadelphia.

Previously the Pope Benedict XVI had been to the Cuban nation in March 2012, whilst 14 years before Juan Pablo II had done the same.

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