HAVANA- (PL) A new school year has begun in Cuba where as its foundations, the education looks to increase its quality and form new generations of all-rounded citizens.

For many it was the return to the classroom, for others it was the novelty of a new period but the excitement of the first day at school overcame more than 1,700,000 students that started the academic year 2015-2016.

A new school year has begun in Cuba where as its foundations, the education looks to increase its quality and form new generations of allrounded citizens.During the previous weeks 10,300 educational centres in Cuba prepared for the first day in which the teachers received their new pupils with books, notebooks and uniforms.

The State of Cuba spent 17.5 million dollars on necessary items for the school year: pencils and pens, water colours, colouring books and drawing books, temperas, materials for manual art and other necessary items for education.

During this year the transformations which make the timetables of the teachers more flexible will continue in search for a better use of the performance of the pupils and a better quality in the preparation carried out by the teachers.

The Minister of Eduction, Ena Elsa Velásquez underlined that the new conceptions keep the double teaching session; allowing for the tailoring of timetables in order for teachers together with pupils, family members and the community, to contribute to the vocational formation of children and young people, in their knowledge of history, their developmental abilities and the opening up to culture and sport.

The Minister explained that these adaptations and adjustments allow for the rescue of activities like knowledge meetings, working with the teachers, the participation in circles of interest, the realization of agricultural fairs and other activities that contribute to the best formation of the student.

She added that the Ministry of Education guarantees a 95% teaching coverage, a figure similar to that of last year but this year the quality of the substitute teachers that they will employ to resolve the lack of teachers will be higher. The classrooms will welcome 8,000 graduates from teaching degrees she specified.

A new school year has begun in Cuba where as its foundations, the education looks to increase its quality and form new generations of allrounded citizens.In the meantime, the increase in the number of places at daycare centers was made known with more than 2,700 spaces being opened up to children in Cuba from 1-5 years old.

During the academic year 2015-2016 Higher education will also continue with the transformations and adaptations that are used in search of a higher quality and better professionals.

The process of university integration which started in 2009 will be resumed and in this second stage the centers of higher education in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Granma, Las Tunas, Villa Clara and Pinar del Río will be included. The third stage would be concluded in Havana. 

The Minister of Higher Education, Rodolfo Alarcón said that Cuba aspires to train patriotic and ethical citizens, committed to the Revolution, with skills and specialized knowledge in accordance with society.

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