HAVANA._ Cuba celebrates Human Rights Day on December 10 with concrete attainments and the world’s recognition of its sustained efforts and the great importance the country grants to the issue.

Despite the U.S. blockade and campaigns using the human rights issue as a political instrument to attack the Cuban Revolution, the island features among the one third of countries that have accomplished the UN Millennium Development Goals set for 2015.

HAVANA._ Cuba celebrates Human Rights Day on December 10 with concrete attainments and the world’s recognition of its sustained efforts and the great importance the country grants to the issue.Right after the Revolution triumphed in 1959, the socialist Cuban project has targeted the people’s rights for social inclusion and justice as top priorities, Luis A. Amorós, head of the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s Group of Humanitarian Affairs, said recently.

In a videoconference at the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters, the expert highlighted that Cuba is a signatory country of 42 international treaties on human rights, and that abides by their regulations.

The country maintains cooperation links with diverse humanitarian organizations from around the world, both in its territory and while developing international cooperation missions abroad, he noted.

On this matter, the official said that Cuba recently presented before the UN protocols to the Convention on the Rights of Children, with the objective of protecting them from such phenomena as armed conflicts, prostitution and pornography.

Other initiatives brought forward by Cuba before competent international organizations are related to the implementation of policies against enforced disappearances and to rights for the full development of people with disabilities.

During the videoconference, several experts presented Cuba’s achievements in the human rights issue and agreed to say that the U.S. blockade poses the main obstacle to the development of social policies in the island.

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