HAVANA._ The 15th International Colloquium on Ernest Hemingway will be held June 18-21 with a large participation of U.S. scholars and researchers, who will reflect on the life and work of the 1954 Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature.

The reasons are evident: the easing of relations between the two countries has allowed U.S. professionals to take part in the event, including academics from the Universities of Texas, Pennsylvania, California and Ohio, said Ada Rosa Alfonso, president of the organizing committee.

Possibilities exist for further enlarging the event in coming editions with the participation of the United States, she told The Havana Reporter.

The 15th International Colloquium on Ernest Hemingway will be held June 18-21 with a large participation of U.S. scholars and researchers, who will reflect on the life and work of the 1954 Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature.According to the organizing committee, the event is expected to become the right space for exchanging viewpoints on the life and work of Hemingway and the preservation of his legacy. Representatives from Argentina, Israel, Spain and Japan are expected to attend as well.

To be held at Havana’s Palacio O‘Farril, the colloquium will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the first issue of Hemingway’s The Green Hills of Africa, and the 90th anniversary of In Our Time.

The event’s program includes tours of places associated with the U.S. writer, who is considered one of the greatest novelists and storytellers of the 20th century. For the first time, the newly reopened Sloppy Joe‘s Bar features among those places.

Another novelty this time will be the launch of the books “El último león” (The Last Lion) by Ricardo Koon and “Hemingway ese desconocido” (Hemingway, the Unknown Man) by Enrique Cirules.

In addition, the colloquium will pay posthumous homage to René Villarreal, who was the U.S. writer’s right-hand man for 14 years.

On the closing day of the event, personalities and institutions that have played an outstanding role in the preservation of Hemingway’s legacy will be granted the Finca Vigia distinction.

The latter takes its name from the writer‘s residence in Havana where he lived from 1940 until his death in 1961.

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