Guantánamo, the easternmost province of Cuba, became the international city of peace from November 23 to 25 by hosting the fourth Seminar for Peace and the Elimination of Foreign Military Bases.

Peace activists from 46 countries attended the seminar, which was organized by the Cuban Peace Movement (MOVPAZ) and the World Peace Council in coordination with the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

Guantánamo, the easternmost province of Cuba, became the international city of peace from November 23 to 25 by hosting the fourth Seminar for Peace and the Elimination of Foreign Military Bases.Nuclear disarmament, the lifting of the blockade against Cuba, military bases as a warmongering force, its negative effects and denunciations of interference policies by the big powers were some of the issues analyzed in the working sessions.

The need to immediately close the Guantánamo prison and the Cuban government’s fair demand for getting back the territory illegally occupied by the United States since 1903, were recurrent themes in the debates.

It’s worth highlighting the remarks made by María Do Socorro Gómez, president of the World Peace Council, when sustaining that the Guantánamo military base represents a threat to all Latin American countries.

Meanwhile, Ecuadorian ambassador in Cuba Edgar Ponce compared the United States to a large monster whose tentacles are those military bases, which it uses to plunder Latin American countries.

In the meantime, the U.S. delegation -the largest with 106 members- exposed the hypocrisy, fallacy and double standard of Washington’s policy.

“The talks may have been smoothened out but their objective continues to be the same: to overthrow the Cuban government,” said Nancy Kohn, member of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity for the Peoples.

The U.S. policy toward Cuba has remained practically the same since last December 17 to date.

World banks continue to be fined, anti-Cuba programs continue to receive funding, while organizations such as the Pastors for Peace movement and political activists are watched and harassed by U.S. authorities, she added.

Retired U.S. Colonel Ann Wright called for the elimination of military bases; denounced the United States’ enlarged military presence in the world, and apologized to the Cuban people for the continuing existence of the Guantánamo naval base. The U.S. prison has cast a shadow over the beautiful city of Guantánamo, she noted.

Invading and occupying other countries and setting up military bases in the world is aberrant, Wright stressed.

The support for the Palestinian cause, reports of attacks in Syria, the media campaign against Venezuela and the decolonization of Puerto Rico were other issues debated during the seminar.

All these themes are contained in the final declaration unanimously signed by the participants, who committed to continue fighting for all those fair causes.

MOVPAZ president Silvio Platero told The Havana Reporter that Guantánamo has been hosting this seminar since 2008, given that the oldest U.S. military base is located in part of its territory.

The recently closed seminar is considered to have been the most important not only because of the large number of delegates from different countries, but also because of the quality of the papers presented, Platero said. The upcoming seminar is scheduled for 2017.

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